You are trying to dance together, but you keep stepping on one another’s toes no matter how hard you try.

You can learn a new dance. You can learn to feel safe in each other’s arms again.


Thousands of couples have been helped by the Emotionally Focused Therapy approach, developed by Dr. Sue Johnson.  EFT is evidence-based, nonjudgmental and effective.   EFT and the Hold Me Tight™ seminars help couples move closer to the relationships they are longing to have.  Whether you love someone of the same or opposite sex, this seminar will help you deepen and enliven your relationship.  


This nonjudgmental, research-based seminar will help you:

  • Describe and control negative cycles in your relationship
  • Affirm your individual needs for closeness and safety
  • Create positive experiences learning to reach for one another to create a secure bond

“This program is based on the idea that long term love between romantic partners is not only possible but is our birthright.  We are all better and stronger human beings when we can find a safe haven and a secure base in a loved one’s arms.  Loving couple relationships are the basis of secure families, a saner society and a truly human future for us all.”  –Sue Johnson, PhD

Seminar Leaders


Susan Raab-Cohen, PhD, is a Licensed Psychologist in the Pike Place Market area. For almost thirty years, Susan has been specializing in working with couples— in families, businesses and other partnerships. She is an EFT-Advanced therapist. In the course of her career, she has been a trainer, workshop leader, and public speaker. She’s co-author of, Toward Intimacy: Family Planning and Sexuality Concerns of Physically Disabled Women. Susan and her husband have been married for 30 years. She’s a parent, stepparent and grandmother.


G. Dorsey Green, PhD has been a Psychologist in independent practice for over thirty years and is an EFT-Advanced therapist. She is an Adjunct Faculty member of the Psychology Department at the University of Washington, supervising doctoral students in their clinical training. Dorsey has been a workshop leader and trainer in a variety of areas during her career and is the co-author with D. Merilee Clunis, PhD, of Lesbian Couples and The Lesbian Parenting Book. Dorsey is in an eighteen-year relationship and has two grown sons and two grandsons.




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